National Adoption Week

National Adoption Week 2019 (Monday 14 - Sunday 19 October) is a time to raise awareness and encourage more people to come forward and consider adoption. This year the focus will be on “priority” children, brothers and sisters, children over the age of 4 years, children with disabilities and children from black and minority ethnic groups. These children tend to be spending longer periods in foster care until an adoptive family is found for them. Adoption is a life changing event both for the adults and children. There may be some challenges along the way, but the reward will mean creating or completing your family and giving a vulnerable child a safe and stable family. Children who are waiting for adoptive families may have experienced adverse life events in the past but those should not define their present and adoption can make a real difference for their future.  Children waiting for an adoptive family do not wish for extraordinary things;  they want to “have a fun house”, “go on adventures”, have “a nice bedroom”.  Adopt East Alliance recognises that people considering adoption may have many worries, fears, questions they would like answers for. We know this from our experience. Don`t rule yourself/yourselves out! Contact your own Local Authority and someone will be able to discuss any queries that you may have and you may be the one who can make a child`s wish come true! You can read some real stories of children currently waiting for adoptive families in our “Children needing adoption” section.


Children's wishing tree