July 2021

An exciting new adoption support service starting in the region this spring

A new adoption support service developed by Adoptionplus, is shortly going to be available for families in this region. STEP (Supporting Tracking and Evaluating Progress) is a digital tool that will enable families to track and monitor their children’s progress and highlight potential support needs early on. This confidential tool is being developed so that in addition to monitoring progress, it will also provide families with bespoke online information and resources.

A main priority for this service is the protection of personal family data, as Adoptionplus recognises this is of essential importance. Anonymised data from this tool will be used to help Adopt East develop effective and timely Adoption Support services. Adopt East is keen to learn from what works and identify what interventions/therapies families find helpful, as we seek to improve and develop our Adoption Support provision across the region.

Local Authorities within Adopt East will email families a link to this free service so that you can decide if it is something you wish to take up. Look out for STEP in your inbox! 

Adopt East Podcasts

Recently there have some new Adoption Podcasts that make interesting listening and are a good way to hear about other experiences.

  • Adoption-Adventures is completed by Richard who is the Chair of the Adopt East Adopter Voice group and it charts the highs and lows of the adoption journey.
  • The Adoption & Fostering podcast is by Al Coates and Scott Casson-Rennie. This is a contemporary discussion regarding Adoption and Fostering.
  • New Family Social do a podcast for strong and happy LGBT+ adoptive and foster families and chats with people who have adopted and fostered from within the LBGT+ community.

October 2020

Adopt East Alliance launches on 14 October 2020

The Alliance brings together ten agencies that are highly experienced in adoption and committed to improving the outcomes for children and their families.

There are many children who are waiting to meet their permanent family. Working closely together will enable us to recruit more families and ensure that children are placed with families as soon as possible. Working regionally helps us to deliver effective support to these children and their potential families.     

Sarah Johnson, Executive Head of Adopt East, said: 

“We are excited to launch the Adopt East alliance in line with Department for Education guidance. There are ever more children where it is increasingly difficult to find them loving homes. Our hope is that by working together, we will be able to recruit a larger and more diverse collection of adopters. We have a wealth of expertise across the eastern region and bringing this together will enable us to match more children with their families across the alliance.”  

July 2020

All of us at Adopt East hope you and families have been keeping well in these challenging times

All the agencies across Adopt East have been working hard during the Covid 19 pandemic to continue to support, recruit and assess adoptive families, as well as trying to identify families to the children that are waiting.

The Adopt East Alliance has made use of the government’s emergency Covid 19 Adoption Support Fund. We have access to a wide range of support activities to offer families support. An example of this is with Adoption UK, where prospective and current adopters all have access to membership.

Here are some quotes from adopters who have received a service:

  • One family who are accessing the Barnardo’s 2020 counselling service have said: “It’s the best support I’ve had."
  • A family receiving the Sensory Regulation weekly newsletter said: “Tessa’s newsletter has been a vital part of our lockdown experience and we have now incorporated many of the regulating activities into our family’s daily routines. We now have a large bank of ideas to use and a better understanding of the importance of self-regulation for all family members."
  • Another family who accessed Adoption Plus DDP: “I felt that it was the best thing we have ever done, the improvement in our knowledge to support our child was amazing and the distance we have travelled in the short space of time was excellent. I could not thank enough for her support and suggestions.”

This has been a very busy time for the Adopt East Alliance with the planning the official launch of the Alliance in October 2020 during National Adoption Week, there will be more information about this in the coming weeks.

There is a national campaign #YouCanAdopt that begins in September that Adopt East will be participating in.