Adoption stories

Read stories and experiences from our adopters and children that have been adopted.

We have changed names and pictures to protect the identities of the adopters and children.

Children's stories

Jack - 14 years old

My name is Jack. I’m not great at putting my thoughts on paper but my mum has written down what I’ve said to help me tell a bit of my story.

I first found out I was adopted when mum told me on our way home from an adoption group camping weekend. I liked those times. 

I remember the first time mum showed me my Life story book. She read it to me because I couldn’t read at all then. Little by little I found out why I had been adopted and what had happened to my birth family. My mum was always careful to make sure I was ready to hear things, so she didn’t tell me everything all in one go.

My birth dad has never had contact with me. I think this is because of the life he suffered. My birth mum stopped sending me letters when I was 10 years old. It upsets me a lot. I don’t know why.

School is another thing. At times I have been picked on because I’m adopted. Some kids don’t get what it means and how it hurts children who are adopted such as me.

My mum and dad have really tried to help me with everything and they care about what happens to me and make sure I get what I need. I’m glad I’m adopted, because if I was fostered I would be jumping from family to family. That would make me sad, but I was lucky because I didn’t have to go through it.

My life is perfect as it can be because I’m adopted. It feels like they’re my real parents as they take brilliant care of me and they are the best I could ever have ended up with.

Teenage boy smiling and standing outside

"I’m glad I’m adopted, because if I was fostered I would be jumping from family to family"


Adopter's stories

Beth - Single adoptive mum of Charlie

Woman hugging boy on a sofa

"Being open and honest allows him to accept the person he is, where he has come from, and more importantly, where he is going"

I first thought about adoption 4 or 5 years before I did anything more about it; I was single but wanted a family. But Mr Right never turned up so I started looking in more detail at how I might achieve my family.

By the time I contacted my local adoption agency I was pretty sure this was going to be the right route for me.

The process was long but I really enjoyed it and learnt so much about myself as I worked through the assessments with my social worker.

The adoption preparation training prepared the group for the children we might adopt but more importantly for me, I made amazing friends with a group of people that have all been through the same process as I have. We continue to offer each other support that people who have not been through the adoption process are unable to offer.

The first time I saw a picture of Charlie, I knew he was the boy for me. I don’t know what it was but the pull was so strong and so right and we haven’t looked back since.

Charlie was 5 when I adopted him. This was perfect for me. As a single mum I wasn’t going to be in a position to take more time off after my adoption leave. The other major advantage was that he knew his history. He has always known he’s adopted and it’s just part of our regular day-to-day conversations.

The day I brought him home was a scary day. I was driving the car, looking at this little guy in the back, thinking, “How can I possibly look after this boy?”.  I stopped the car and we got out and sat on a bench and I asked him if he was scared. He looked at me and said, “No, I don’t think so”. That was enough for me – if he could do it, so could I!

We have grown together and become a really tight unit over the past few years. It’s not always easy, but when is it as a single parent family? Being open and honest allows him to accept the person he is, where he has come from, and more importantly, where he is going.

I don’t tend to think about what I have given Charlie, I think about what he has given me. Being a mum to him has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has enriched my life and taught me things about myself that I would never have known if he hadn’t come to live with me.

Every day I am so thankful that I made that first call to the adoption team. It changed my life and made it complete.

Gemma and Craig - Adoptive parents of Ryan and Riley

After unsuccessful and traumatic IVF treatments, we saw an advertisement about an adoption open evening in the local newspaper. This turned out to be a well-run and informative event, with real adopters speaking about their experiences. We immediately registered our interest and our adoption journey began. 

It felt strange being assessed as potential parents but the social workers explained the process every step of the way. We had to attend training workshops with other prospective adopters where we made some great friends with our fellow adopters; we obviously had a lot in common.

Once we were approved, it was then a question of waiting for the right child for us. We had confidence that, having got to know us both so well, our social worker would help us to identify the most suitable child and so it proved –a profile of a young boy, Ryan, was sent through to us and he felt ‘right’ straight away!

Following lots of meetings and another panel, there finally came the moment we actually met him, without doubt the most nervous we have ever been in our lives. What if he didn’t like us? Or worse, what if we didn’t like him?! Thankfully, after some initial awkwardness on both sides, we shared a fun couple of hours, overseen by the social workers. Over the course of the next week, we were gradually introduced more and more into Ryan’s life before finally taking him home with us.

So began our parenthood, one of sleepless nights, worrying about everything and nothing, life turned upside down in a good way. Like every other parent. Which is the great thing about adoption – it enabled us to become parents when we didn’t think this would be possible. Our love for Ryan is total and unconditional. 

Once sufficient time had passed for Ryan to become integrated into our family, we applied to become adopters again and are now lucky enough to have 2 sons, Ryan and Riley. We still keep in touch with our local adoption service – they provide annual summer and Christmas parties for all adopting families and are always available for advice and guidance. We also holiday annually with the friends we made on the adoption workshop, all of whom now have children of their own.

We would recommend adoption to anyone, it has given us the joy of parenthood, twice over, when it wouldn’t otherwise be possible!

Young woman and man with toddler boy on a sofa

"Adoption enabled us to become parents when we didn’t think it would be possible"


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